MiSTEM Regional Division 13

Our Mission

Michigan, together with business, education, and community partners, is embarking on a journey to make Michigan a world leader in STEM education. The work of the MiSTEM Network is to build on existing STEM networks to create a STEM ecosystem that supports and implements the components outlined in the four pillars.

MiSTEM Pillars

The Council report lists four pillars as necessary components to establish a system that will produce STEM-equipped students and educators.

Create a STEM culture

This culture inspires, informs, and mobilizes all community members toward economic and educational success.

Empower STEM teachers

Educators need research-based professional learning, resources and networks of support to provide robust STEM learning experiences for students.

Integrate business and education

Business and industry partners provide authentic and relevant problems for student learning. When schools and business collaborate, students and the community benefit.

Ensure high-quality STEM experiences

High-quality experiences engage all learners to improve their educational outcomes and enjoyment of school.

Regional Map

We are proud to serve our STEM community to ensure each and every student gets a quality STEM education and employers have a STEM literate workforce to hire from.

Region 13

MiSTEM Network Region 13 supports two ISDs in Northwestern Lower Michigan:

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