MiSTEM Regional Division 13

Take a Student to Work Day

In collaboration with Traverse City Young Professionals and Northwest MI Works! Inc., the MiSTEM Network is bringing an externship opportunity for high school seniors in the TBAISD region to explore every corner of a company to learn about the variety of careers available. This is the second year this pilot project has been in place and students last year enjoyed being able to experience their potential careers. Take a student to workday is a nation-wide initiative to expose young people to workplaces and jobs through shadowing. Many northern Michigan students would not be able to experience careers outside of what their immediate family knows. The process will match adult workers with students interested in their field. Students will be responsible for transportation to and from the job shadow location and liability waivers and emergency contact information must be provided before you are matched.

Event Date: 2023

Registration Deadline: MONTH XX, 2021

Day-of Logistics:
8 am: Young Professionals Networking Event

9 am – 2 pm
: Business Job Shadow

Why Students Should Get Involved.

“My experience at the Community Foundation provided such a great opportunity to see the inner workings of a company,” said Kelby, a student at TBAISD CTC. “Each and every individual uniquely contributes so much to the Foundation, which in turn benefits our local area. I was pleased to job shadow Pam for an afternoon. Her knowledge and teaching, combined with her friendly and honest personality, allowed me to ask questions and become familiar with her daily routine. I would encourage every student to take advantage of these opportunities. I enjoyed my job shadow experience and was very encouraged when I recognized the number of opportunities available to me!” 

Students will begin their day with the Traverse City Young Professionals to learn about the program and kick off the day!

Why Employers Should Get Involved.

“For myself I believe exposing young students to local industry, is the ideal way to fully illustrate the opportunities available for them after they finish high school,” said Sam Lamper of Clark Manufacturing. “This benefits the students, as well as businesses that are looking for employees. A lot can be explained in a classroom, however nothing beats seeing real world problem solving being done on the fly in an industrial setting.” Are you a company wanting to open your doors to students interested in entering a career in your field? Register today to get involved.

Questions? Contact Shelly VanderMeulen, Career Advisor for Northwest MI Works Inc.

Students will begin their day with the Traverse City Young Professionals to learn about the program and kick off the day!
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