MiSTEM Regional Division 13

Promoting STEM Through Literature Resources

Welcome to Promoting STEM Through Literature by the MiSTEM Network of the Northwestern Lower Michigan Region.  We are excited to build from the great work of Judy Bowling and Kerry Guiliano to bring you more STEM challenges, SEL discussion prompts, and career connections that you can use with your students.  If you are interested in learning more about the original project, please visit their website. Share your feedback and comments with us as we continue to add more books and lessons! 


These lessons were created in collaboration by Danelle Brostrom, Sam Walters, Danielle Humphrey, Linnea Gibson, Drea Weiner, and Shelly VanderMeulen with funds from a MiSTEM grant awarded by the Michigan Department of Education.

21 Elephants

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

The Marvelous Thing That Came from a Spring

One Plastic Bag

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