MiSTEM Regional Division 13

North Ed STEM Symposium

Northwest Education Services, REMC 2 Central, and the Northwestern Lower MiSTEM Network have partnered to host the STEM Symposium (formerly the Mathematics, Engineering, and Science Symposium) for K-12 students throughout the 5-county region. We invite all students to participate in a night celebrating their learning by showcasing their projects, participating in friendly competitions, and speaking with community partners through project presentations about STEM that has impacted their lives. 


We welcome community partners to show their support to our students by asking them questions regarding their projects and challenging them to deepen their learning.

This opportunity and resources are provided by the MiSTEM Network Grant.



This event is open to all K-12 students in Antrim, Benzie, Grand Traverse, Kalkaska, and Leelanau Counties. The event will have four tracks where students may participate: science, engineering, computer science, and the student showcase.



North Ed Career Tech

880 Parsons Road

Traverse City, MI 49686


COVID-19 Policy:

Masks recommended

Key Dates

Event Date:

May 18th, 4 pm – 7 pm


Application & Awardee Deadline:

May 5th, 5 pm


Awardee Notification: 

May 5th, 5 pm

Event Registration

Event Tracks


Engineering is designing a solution to a  problem and figuring out how to build it. Have you invented something to help with a hobby, chore, for a school, or a scouting project? Was it a cool gadget, or a Science Olympiad project, Vex robot, or FRC device? If so, you’ve developed an engineering project. Come show off your engineering project; an original idea of a device or product that you have dreamt up, built, tried out, and probably modified!

Student Showcase

Do you have a project that you are super proud of and you would like to showcase to the community? Now is your chance. Be a part of our first annual Student Showcase. The projects can be a car you designed through the Pinewood Box Car Derby, a circuit you built, a prototype that solves a problem (like creating a distraction for a younger sibling to prevent sneaking out of the crib), or a research study on a native plants’ impact on our ecosystem.

Computer Science

Students get to engage in a friendly competition that involves autonomous programming through evidence-based practice. Come challenge your programming skills by competing with your peers.


Show off your science experiment!  Demonstrate your science knowledge by creating a scientific experiment using the scientific process, presenting the experiment to community partners, and participating in a poster board presentation. This is open to members of the public.

K-8 Award Nomination

We are excited to announce the 2023 STEM Awards for all Northwest Education Services area students in kindergarten through eighth grade.  This year to assist teachers and schools with your nominations we have included some criteria to use when evaluating your school’s nomination.  Each elementary and middle school associated with Northwest Education Services is encouraged to nominate one student for the award. You must be a current public school educator to nominate a student. (If a school has more than one nomination, we ask that the teachers and administrators at the school discuss the nominations and send on only one nomination.)



Applicants must address all the following criteria in their application:

  1.  Evidence of sustained accomplishments or progress/interest in science  

  2. Evidence that the student’s interest in science or math has impacted others  

  3. Displays unique or extraordinary accomplishments in science or math education  

  4. Demonstrates active leadership in science or math in the class or school  

  5. Exhibits noteworthy contributions to classroom science or math

This year we are also asking for your assistance with our awards presentation.  When a student is confirmed for an award, we ask that the teacher submit 3 – 5 pictures of the student working on science or math activities in the class.  We also ask that the teacher submit a voice recording of the nomination paragraph that was submitted.  We will put the pictures and voice recording together into a video format to be played on the night of the awards ceremony.


If you would like to send this opportunity out to parents or students, here is a letter with details and a link to the nomination form.


Nominations are due Monday, April 24th, 2023

Community Involvement

Are you a community member who would like to support local students with their STEM education? We are in need of judges for each of the tracks. If you would like to volunteer please click here to register. There is also a need for award sponsorships. Contact the event coordinators Drea Weiner and Shelly VanderMeulen at mistem@northwested.org for further information.

Learn More

Are you interested in learning about the event and/or the partnership? Contact Drea Weiner, Regional MiSTEM Network Director for further information.

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