MiSTEM Regional Division 13

Educator Professional Learning Scholarships

We offer Educator Scholarships to enable teachers to evolve and grow in their craft by attending STEM professional learning opportunities. The scholarships are distributed based on need and prioritized to those who are within the school districts.


Apply for the scholarship to foster your growth in the craft of teaching. If you have questions regarding the scholarship, please contact Drea Weiner, MiSTEM Network Regional Director.


The logistical process for the scholarship is:

  • Apply for the scholarship
  • Include this spreadsheet in your application
  • Receive approval email
  • Attend your professional learning
  • Submit the professional learning reflection – Your reimbursement will be approved once this has been completed.
  • Have your school send an invoice with a note mentioning the MiSTEM Network and the professional learning you are attending to:
    • Drea Weiner, MiSTEM Network Regional Director
    • 1101 Red Drive
    • Traverse City, MI 49686

Carpool Conferencing


The annual Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning (MACUL) Conference is March 13-16, 2024 will be held in Grand Rapids, MI this year. It is one of the Midwest’s largest educational technology conferences with thousands of educators from across Michigan, the region, and Canada. The program will give you the chance to create a customizable experience with workshops, breakouts, speakers, etc. We are organizing a carpooling initiative if you’re interested in joining us.

Place-Based Education Conference

This national conference engages place-based education experts and practitioners who are committed to transforming teaching and learning to provide meaningful opportunities for young people to protect the environment and enhance their communities. 


The conference is November 9-11, 2023 in Grand Rapids Michigan. Registration will open in April.

Computer Science Teacher Association Conference

CSTA July 11-13, 2023 will provide you with the community of support you need to make connections locally and nationally. Join online to reconnect with your community of fellow K-12 computer science teachers. From affinity groups to local chapters and content-based meetups, you are certain to find your community of teachers. Head to the Exhibit Hall to learn how you can engage with CSTA year-round. 

We have a scholarship for you to attend.

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