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Professional Learning Opportunities

Are you looking to expand your knowledge in teaching STEM in the classroom? The MiSTEM Network can help! We curate opportunities and bring them to the northwestern lower Michigan region as educators express interest. Below are opportunities and resources worth exploring as you embark to continue your learning.

Region 13 ISD Resources


Charlevoix Emmet ISD
Northwest Education Services (formerly Traverse Bay Area ISD)
Regional Educational Materials Center


Promoting STEM Through Literature

Use literature to get your students excited about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) by actively involving them in the design thinking process. Develop their inquiry and problem-solving skills while helping them see that anyone can be innovative and invent new things with perseverance! We will walk you through a lesson that begins with a reading activity and moves into the design thinking process, focusing on one of the Classroom Maker Kit items available for free checkout through your local REMC.


When: November 16, 2021, 4 pm – 6 pm


Cost: Free


Location: Online

Mi-STAR Scholarships

Mi-STAR is a middle school curriculum that supports both the NGSS and the Michigan State Standards, while empowering students to use science and engineering practices to address real-world issues.  We provide professional learning for teachers implementing the curriculum. Read more about our curriculum and professional learning.
The Northwestern Lower MiSTEM Network has scholarships through the Advisory Council grants to cover the annual teacher subscription cost. Please reach out to Drea Weiner, Regional Director for further information.

Career Exploration

Are you looking for support in expanding your career exploration? Are you wondering what is available locally for students to aim towards in the EDPs? We are hosting a workshop series this year to help you! Please reach out to Shelly VanderMeulen, Career Exploration Specialist for further information.

When: October, November, January, February, March, April


Cost: Free


Location: Online


Engineering is Elementary

Engineering is Elementary is a hands-on literacy-based approach to engineering in the classroom. Join us for an Engineering Design Challenge around plants and pollination that you could take back to your classroom. We will look at ways engineering can support and drive student problem solving and sense-making. Learn more about career pathways in this field and how you can support the future engineers and innovators in your classroom. Educators who attend receive an EiE kit, $120.00 stipend, and up to 6 general SCECHs and 2 career SCECHs based on participation. This is an in-person workshop where participants will be required to wear a mask.
When: October, November, February, April, June 
Cost: FREE to Northwestern Lower MiSTEM Network Educators, the MiSTEM Network Advisory Council Grant is funding this endeavor.
Where: TBD


CS Fundamentals:

Computer Science Fundamentals is a Code.org curriculum designed for students in kindergarten through fifth grade (K-5). Each grade level units are between 12-20 lessons long that are built for flexible implementation. During the workshop, participants will learn from certified Code.org facilitators, participate in a model lesson, learn the management system, and dive into the lessons.

At the end of the workshop, teachers will know:

  • The importance of CS for all students, and the teachers’ role in creating an environment where all students can learn equitably.
  • How CS Fundamentals can be used as an avenue for getting CS to all students.
  • What CS Fundamentals courses look like (lesson plans, online activities, unplugged activities).
  • Which courses and lessons of CS Fundamentals are most appropriate for their students.

At the end of the workshop, teachers will have:

  • A plan of action for starting to teach CSF.
  • Long(er) term goals about how deep into the course they would like to try to get.
  • Strategies for teaching CS Fundamentals lessons.
  • A connection to the community of CS Fundamentals teachers.

Bring Computer Science to Your Elementary School With CS Fundamentals – Brochure


When: December


Cost: FREE to Northwestern Lower MiSTEM Network Educators, the MiSTEM Network Advisory Council Grant is funding this endeavor.


Where: TBD


*Stipend for participants at the completion of the program


CS Discoveries and CS Principles:

This is a nine-day workshop series where participants spend five consecutive days in Summer 2021 with participants from all around the state and four days throughout the following school year. These high-quality workshops offer year-round support for educators as they implement courses that are aligned to the Michigan Computer Science Standards. All facilitators are certified Code.org facilitators, educators, and CS experts.


Code.org Workshop One-Page Flyer – Flyer Link


Michigan Code.org Informational Website – Mi-Coding.com & Workshop Details


Summer Virtual/Asynchronous Blended Workshop

Participants will engage in high quality virtual/asynchronous professional learning during the summer. Participants will have the opportunity to dive into the curriculum, deepen their CS content knowledge, and connect with other CS educators from around the state.


Dates: Summer 2022


Summer Workshop Include: Educator Stipend, Materials, & Swag (materials mailed to participants) Educators will receive a $500 stipend for participation and completion of the entire summer workshop series.

Next Generation Science Exemplar (NGSX)

NGSx focuses on the science and engineering practices of developing and using models, constructing explanations, and engaging in argumentation. During this 5-day session, K-12 teachers will learn and practice the pedagogical shifts in NGSS, engage with science content, and reflect on and adjust their own instruction.
  • SCECHs available pending approval
  • Preregistration required – Registration Coming Soon!
  • Teacher Stipends Available – Contact Drea Weiner for details
This workshop series will be held outdoors. Participants will be required to wear masks.


When: June 2022
Cost: FREE to Northwestern Lower MiSTEM Network Educators, the MiSTEM Network Advisory Council Grant is funding this endeavor.
Where: TBD

Sleeping Bear Dunes: Teacher-Ranger-Teachers

The nationwide Teacher-Ranger-Teacher (TRT) program is a unique professional development opportunity for educators to gain hands-on experience during the summer working side by side with park interpreters, researchers, law enforcement rangers, resource managers, maintenance rangers, and other specialists.
If selected, you will receive training, gain knowledge and experience, and work at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore for eight weeks between June and August. Then, take your experiences back to the classroom to share with your students. Benefits:
  • $3,000 stipend
  • 3 Graduate credits from the University of Colorado, Denver (CU Denver).
  • Professional development providing a wide range of new knowledge and skills through working with park staff and partners
  • Gain access to an extensive array of teaching resources and tools to enhance classroom curriculum in multiple content areas
  • Begin or extend a personal and professional connection with national parks
  • Housing in the park (if needed). Government housing is in, or near, Empire, MI, and is shared with one or more seasonal staff members.

Sturgeon in the Classroom Info Session

Educators and Administrators interested in incorporating Sturgeon into your school communities – The Grand Traverse Band  has Nme Teachings designed for middle school and up to 9th grade science in their Niigaandiwin Education Department. Teachers can experience sturgeon rearing with their students. Little Traverse Bay Band curriculum developers to learn about the ins and outs of raising sturgeon in a school setting. Reach out to Dorothy Perry and Amanda Weinert for more information.


Northern Michigan’s prime Ed Tech conference is back! WIREDTC 2021 will be held virtually this year and is FREE for the Northwestern Lower MiSTEM Network Educators due to the generous support from Northwest Education Services, Traverse City Area Public Schools, REMC 2 Central, and the MiSTEM Network.


Sessions will be held the week of August 9 – 12. We will send you the schedule and room links ahead of time.

  • Monday, Aug. 9, 2021 – 9:00-10:00am – 6 Virtual session options
  • Tuesday, Aug. 10, 2021 – 9:00-10:00am – 6 Virtual session options
  • Wednesday, Aug. 11, 2021 – 8:30-10:00am – Keynote – George Couros. Optional Paid Workshops with George Couros available after the keynote. More information to come soon
  • Thursday, Aug. 12, 2021 – 9:00-10:00am – 6 Virtual session options

Register below to attend! Please use an email you will be checking over the summer. Educators who are attending from the REMC 2 North Region may attend for free via reimbursement. Contact Drea Weiner for more information.


When: August 9-12th


Cost: FREE to Northwestern Lower MiSTEM Network Educators, the MiSTEM Network Advisory Council and Regional grants are funding this endeavor.


Where: Online

STEM Equity Pipeline: National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity

Micromesseaging to Reach and Teach Every Student: The Nape Education Foundation developed this workshop to support educators in creating equitable learning environments.

The NAPE Culture Wheel frames the discussion of micromessages – small messages that can have a big impact on student success. Micromessages include looks, gestures, tone of voice, or the framing of feedback that subtly yet powerfully shape our culture, institutions, classrooms, and the individuals within them. The curriculum combines the power of micromessages with research-based social learning theories including self-efficacy, educator mindset, attribution theory, and stereotype threat. Micromessaging addresses bias, the impact of the dominant narrative, asset-versus deficit-based thinking, student voice, and building community.

NAPE Culture Wheel

The equity workshops are limited to 50 participants who are dedicated to building their capacity of equity within their school/school district.


When: May 17th, 3 – 5 pm


Cost: FREE to Northwestern Lower MiSTEM Network Educators, the MiSTEM Network Advisory Council and Regional grants are funding this endeavor.


Where: Online

Exploring STEM Careers: Join us for a 2-hour workshop exploring NAPE’s series of turnkey implementation toolkits that provide research-grounded strategies and processes designed to equip educators with new tools to reach, teach, and guide every student to realize their potential and open the door to exploring STEM careers.


NAPE’s Explore STEM Careers Toolkit provides a framework with lesson plans and activities to help counselors, teachers, and administrators to educate and inspire every student to consider a career in STEM.  Student activities (with Spanish translations), detailed lesson plans, and vivid infographics are included.


When: June 18th, 3 – 5 pm


Cost: FREE to Northwestern Lower MiSTEM Network Educators, the MiSTEM Network Advisory Council and Regional grants are funding this endeavor.


Where: Online



The annual Michigan Association for computer Users in Learning (MACUL) Conference is March 17-20, 2021 will be held VIRTUALLY this year. It is one of the Midwest’s largest educational technology conferences with thousands of educators from across Michigan, the region, and Canada. The virtual program will give you the chance to create a customizable experience with workshops, breakouts, speakers, etc.

REMC Classroom Maker Summit

This event offers Michigan educators a spectacular summer day of hands-on learning through exchange. The Classroom Maker Summit provides a common ground for educators looking to share strategies, ideas, and tools related to the Maker movement.

The event has decided to forgo this year’s event to gift educators a moment to breath this summer.

Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative: Place-Based Education

Place-based education transforms how teachers teach and how students learn by expanding classrooms to include a community’s organizations, history, and natural features. Investing in place helps youth engage in meaningful learning and civic life, provides vital support for teachers, and strengthens communities.

Teacher Professional Learning Scholarships

We offer Teacher Scholarships to enable teachers to evolve and grow in their craft by attending STEM professional learning opportunities. The scholarships are distributed based on need.

Apply for the scholarship to foster your growth in the craft of teaching. If you have questions regarding the scholarship, please contact Drea Weiner, MiSTEM Network Regional Director.

The logistical process for the scholarship is:

  • Apply for the scholarship
  • Receive approval email
  • Have your school send an invoice with a note mentioning the MiSTEM Network and the professional learning you are attending to:
    • Drea Weiner, MiSTEM Network Regional Director
    • 1101 Red Drive
    • Traverse City, MI 49686


These classroom mini-grants are meant to foster STEM and 3P learning in students. If you have a STEM idea you would like to try apply today.


Are you wondering what is available to you and your students? Check out our curated list of local, statewide, and national resources.
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