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Career Exploration Resources

What is a STEM Career? Our regional Advisory Committee defines a STEM career as a career that integrates the use of knowledge and skills from two or more STEM fields: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. For example, an electrician would need math skills to calculate wattage or amperage, science to understand the flow of electricity through various types of wire and metals, and engineering to set up the best system for running wires and panels in a building.


In order to reach our goal of having a STEM literate workforce we need to give our students the experiences needed to make an informed decision about STEM careers. The MiSTEM Network has curated a collection of resources for you to use within your schools and classrooms for your students. Each has been linked out for exploration. Do you have a resource to share? Reach out to Drea Weiner, Regional Director, or Shelly VanderMeulen, Career Exploration Specialist, to have it reviewed. 

MiSTEM Network Regional Resources

Career Profile Cards

STEM Careers Story Mapping



Better Make Room

BLS: Periodic Table of STEM Occupations

Build Your Life

Career One Stop

Claim Your Future

Char-Em ISD: Step Up to Success

BigFuture Toolkit for Counselors



Going Pro

The Mavin Project

MTU Husky Bites

My Next Move

NAPE: Role Models

National Center for Education Statistics

National Institute for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies

Nepris: Educator Connections with Industry Professionals

Newton's Road: Career Investigator

Northwest MI Works: Career Pathways



Science Buddies

MS/HS SEL Resources

Skype a Scientist

Soft Skills to Pay the Bills

Virtual Job Shadow


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