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About Drea

Drea Weiner

Drea Weiner is the MiSTEM Network Regional Director from the Northwestern Lower region. She studied Environmental Science at Northern Michigan University. As a child, Drea was brought up in a “Maker Household”. She and her family were constantly creating, testing, and improving around the house. Some projects include making porches, homemade soil grater, greenhouses, etc. 
Today she provides educators throughout the northern lower Michigan region with opportunities for professional development, support, and resources to ensure students gain deep learning that nourishes soft skills like critical thinking and problem-solving to ensure our students are set up for success following their educational endeavors and businesses have a talented STEM literate workforce to hire from. She is a passionate educator driven to give all students the opportunity to explore STEM as a viable future.
What Drea Can Do For You

Drea is constantly looking for how best to support teachers, businesses, nonprofits, and community members in searching how best to support the work. Below are is a sampling of a few ways she can help:

  • Brainstorming STEM Education Ecosystem Solutions
  • Building Connections
  • Business Tours
  • Grant Writing
  • Host Professional Learning Workshops and Conferences
  • Resources

Do you have wonderings? Contact Drea:

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